The eye surgery executes worldwide as many operations as any other medical discipline. Of particular importance is the cataract surgery. Today’s global demand of about 20 million operations per year can only be satisfied to a small extent, mainly in the industrialized countries. Therefore, cataracts are despite the great progress in recent decades, the world’s primary cause of blindness in millions of people annually. While currently about 600-800,000 procedures are performed annually in a mostly early disease stage with still quite soft lenses in Germany, also hard, already “petrified” lenses must be operated in less industrialized countries.

Together with our partners we are developing a new technology for cataract surgery, which is based on the use of diode-pumped laser systems. It is intended to overcome the limitations of previous systems for cataract surgery and made a wide range of patients accessible thereby.

The new technology will allow the surgeon atraumatic and precise operations on the eye with a minimum of equipment.  In contrast to the gold standard of the ultrasound systems and the new femtosecond systems, the new technique allows a complete removal of the lens even in the peripheral areas of the capsule.


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