Fibercables for LEDs

Our fiber optic cables are optimized for use with high power LEDs. We use high numerical aperture fibers to collect a larger angular range of the radiated LED light.

All fibers have a quartz core and a hardclad polymer jacket. Our low-OH fibers for the red to infrared wave range, the high-OH fibers for the visible to UV wave range.

The cables are reinforced with red kevlar or a stainless steel hose and provided with SMA 905 connectors at both ends.

If stray-light should be an issue in your application, a black encasement is also possible.

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Typical fibers for our SMA-SMA fiber patch cables have fiber core diameters of e.g.: 200, 400, 600, 800 or 1500μm:

Core ØNumerical
Low OH /
High OH
400µm0.37Low OHKevlar3m
600µm0.37Low OHKevlar2m
1500µm0.37Low OHStainless steel2m
800µm0.37High OH Kevlar2m
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