Cylindrical Diffusers

  • Intended for intraluminal PDT:
    • Head & neck
    • Oesophagus
    • Lung
    • Biliary duct
    • Prostate
  • Compatible with standard endoscopes
  • Uniform light distribution
  • CD-403-xx    Very flexible, suitable for 3Fr
    best used with transparent catheter
  • CD-6L3-xx    Self-supporting, flexible diffuser,
    for bronchoscopy, suitable for <4Fr
  • Compatible with all major PDT lasers,
  • E2000-connectors available on request
  • Visible in CT due to radiomarker
  • CE-certified

Device Characteristics

Tip Ø0.98 mm< 1.2 mm
Catheter type3 Fr< 4 Fr
overall fiber length3,0 m
Typical transmission>80%
Active diffuser length*xx is 10 – 70 mm
Uniformity of diffusor±20%
Max. power density200 mW/cm
Max. power 2.0 W
Wavelength600 – 800 nm**
Numericla aperture
Core Ø400 µm600 µm
Fiber connectorSMA 905

*other lengths on request
**400-1000nm non-CE

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